McGregor and Holm F Up Pretty Bad

For all of our fam who thinks that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, if this past weekend proved anything, it’s that fighting probably isn’t fixed (at least on UFC’s professional level). Because after current men’s featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, and women’s former bantamweight champion both lost to their previously beaten opponents, the world of MMA has gotten significantly less dramatic. Both McGregor and Holm went into their matches as overwhelming favorites against their opponents, Nate Diaz and Meisha Tate, with Holly Holm putting her bantamweight world title on the line.

In a way, Meisha Tate matchup was supposed to simply be a stepping stone for the big rematch between Holly Holm and America’s favorite tough-sweetheart, Ronda Rousey, this coming later this summer. Well, a quick choke out by Meisha Tate squashed those dreams, and now instead of seeing Rousey take on the only fighter to ever beat her (Holm), we get to see her go at it for a third time against Tate. Who in their last encounter, was beaten by Rousey in about 20 seconds….


While McGregor took the loss with grace in his post-fight press conference, Diaz took to Facebook to call McGregor a pussy and express his excitement to fight McGregor again for the title at UFC 200. If these new developments prove anything, it’s that this spring and summer, UFC is going to see some hellishly hot feuds come to a boil in the ring. McGregor’s defeat wasn’t as detrimental as Holm’s, as he still gets to keep his featherweight title belt. However, this recent loss crushes his hopes of fighting in a higher weight class, through a humbling defeat against a heavier opponent. But we’ll see if McGregor’s desire to battle it out in the upper weight divisions has a limit. Tiny fighters can have big dreams, I mean hell, just look at Napoleon and Ness from Super Smash Bros. Hopefully he doesn’t have the drive to eventually duke it out with sumo wrestlers (Much like these poor volunteers at for BuzzFeed had to).



Conor McGregor I'll see you at #UFC200, your Cinderella fantasy is over. Nowhere to run to now- you're gonna have to give me my rematch, you pussy!! UFC Dana White

Posted by Jose Aldo Junior on Saturday, March 5, 2016


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