Future Becomes God of the Furs on SNL

In case you were out last Saturday night getting lit, or you’re one of those TV snobs who claims, “SNL peaked during the 80’s!”, there’s a good chance you missed Future’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live. The Atlanta Rap God brought a memorable performance, singing his newest single with The Weeknd, “Low Life.” Future even helped Seth Rogen work through his own little cover of Drake’s verse from “Jumpman.” We say “help” because Future grooving to Jonah’s cover closely resembles way a father would playfully chase his child during a game of tag. (Check out the goofy bit below)

 But what really stood out was Future’s two high-profile fur coats he rocked during the episode. Giving us a sneak preview on his Snapchat (username: FBGBOSS), Future came out in a huge mink fur coat that looks like it took a small forest of cute baby animals to make (don’t worry, that’s probably how they would want to go). He then took the fur game to a more unique level, doing his performance in a suede-fur coat combo. Considering everything Future does makes more copycats than an Elvis convention in Las Vegas, can we expect to see a surge in the already popular trend of donning fur as a sign of status? Make sure to watch the full performance below!


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