Tyga Calls Tupac his Dad. Internet Goes Full Roast Mode

Those who consider themselves true connoisseurs of “L” distribution know that, while Meek Mill’s L’s are certainly plentiful, Tyga is low-key on the same level as Meek in terms of just never catching a break. We admit, it must be a tough situation for Tyga. The internet roasts you for dating a girl too young for you. The internet laughs at you for potentially being in financial issues. The internet berates you for making crap music. So what’s the best course of action? Maybe calling the most respected figure in rap, Tupac Shakur, a father figure to your personal life. Hahahahaha, time to take another L, Tyga.

In a recent Twitter post, Tyga felt the need to put a picture of him in a Duke Blue Devils Jersey next to the late great Tupac (wearing a similar jersey) with the caption, “Dad.” Needless to say, the community of Twitter would not let this misfire of a social media move go unnoticed. The tweets were especially savage for this roasting session, dissing Tyga on everything from his rapping skills, to the tattoos on his neck. We gathered up the heaviest hitters below.









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