Mother Nature Back at It Again with the State-Saving Rainfall

Seemingly more and more frequently now, every year the world waits and wonders if this will be California’s last hoorah. The Gold Coast known for big movie stars and trendy diets receives an ungodly amount of rainless days and we all wonder if it’s just going to stop raining there all together. Well just like in The Wizard of Oz and every Vampire movie, Mother Earth is here to save our ungrateful and destructive asses once again. Meteorologists predict that the famous annual weather phenomenon, El Nino, will be dumping a load of sweet, nourishing precipitation (both snow and rain) all over the face of the west coast over the course of ten days. With figures predicating anywhere from 75 to 204 inches, Kylie Jenner and Tyga can finally rest easy about all those fines they’re getting for greedily over-watering their lawns. What is El Nino you ask (besides something Donald Douche Trump probably doesn’t like because of its name…)? Well check out this video that makes El Nino easy by D News.



So what do you think? Do you think these constant droughts and extreme El Ninos are the effects of all of our super-baller Escalades and smog spewing factories, or is it simply the Earth going through a phase like a rebellious teenager dressing like his favorite gangster rapper?

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