Teens Prove Generational Differences are real with Windows 95

We’re sure you’ve seen 100’s of pictures on the internet featuring “then” and “now” snapshots of famous things or people from your youth, followed by the caption, “Feel old yet?” With each of these photos you’re reminded more and more of how much life you’ve seen and the decades you’ve lived through. If you consider yourself a 90’s kid, this means you have fond memories of The Rugrats, the Golden Age of Power Rangers, Nintendo 64, and Tamagotchi’s. But it can genuinely be mind boggling that some of the young whippersnappers driving cars on the road today were born in the year 2000… don’t worry, we’re feeling our knees starting to creek too.

In the most recent installment of React Videos, the Fine Bros have recruited some of today’s youth to interact with Windows 95; a revolutionary computer operating system for its time, the interactive OS that paved the way for the personal computer we know today. Watch these kids become baffled and confused by concepts like: waiting for a computer to boot up, holding down a button to turn on a device, or browsing the internet with no Wi-Fi (yes, one of these kids asked how can there be internet browsing without Wi-Fi…) In an age of touch screens, Snapchat, and “likes”, these young teens must have an undying longing to be a part of a decade with such a defined culture like the 90’s. And we can’t really blame them. We had Tupac and Biggie, they get Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus….

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