Ariana Grande Saves Tidal on SNL

Ever since its launch, the music streaming service, Tidal has been the butt of many jokes and an example of how poorly the common public perceives high-profile musicians asking for help (Whatever, Jay Z, you’re still rich as fuck with or without my $15 a month). SNL decided to jump in on the Tidal-Joke train with a skit last week that featured a small, low-tech, 4-man team that provides service to Tidal’s tens of subscribers (Thank God, for the Life of Pablo Exclusive). When disaster strikes the department’s tiny servers, pop star Ariana Grande steps in as a shy and timid intern who has the singing skills of a goddess. Watch the little powerhouse nail her impressions of Britney Spears, Shakira, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston all while doing a slightly better than expected acting job. Her adorable character and spot-on impressions almost make us forget about that time she acted like a brat in a doughnut shop, yelled at the clerk, and licked some doughnuts without paying for them. Almost. Check out the funny skit below!

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