NCAA 1st and 2nd Round Tournament Recap

The start of the NCAA tournament this weekend saw possibly some of the craziest upsets and electrifying games the tournament has seen in years. With the Sweet 16 seeing a record number of 6 ACC teams, 5 big upsets in the very first round, and Yahoo Sports announcing no perfect brackets by the round of 32, it’s safe to say not even watching 100 hours of Bracketology could’ve prepared us for these outcomes.

The biggest upset of the weekend had to have come from 2-seed Mich. State losing to 15-seed Middle Tennessee. This wave of shock would go on to hit, Stetson Hall (losing to OUR upset pick, Gonzaga), U Cal, and Baylor as they would all fall to their first round underdogs. Setting up a completely unforecasted for the Round of 32. It’s safe to say all the teams learned something that weekend, including what a rebound is (in case they didn’t know).


The round of 32 wasn’t spared of chaos and excitement either. Texas A&M survived elimination by executing an electrifying 14-2 point run against University of Northern Iowa in 32 seconds. Gonzaga went on to beat their next highly ranked opponent, University of Utah to advance to the Sweet 16. And the 2-seed Xavier losing to 7-seed Univ. of Wisconsin by a buzzer-beater 3 spawned something once thought to be truly impossible. A sad Bill Murray.



So now that we see that projected winners of this thing are damn near impossible to figure out, what big upsets do you think have yet to go down in this rat race of a March Madness Tournament?

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