Nike Finally Released Its Self-Lacing Sneaker

Although our current present isn’t nearly as cool as Back to The Future’s fantasy world, Nike has finally made good on its promise to bring us self-lacing shoes. Officially deemed the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, this brand new running shoe comes in a very sleek batman-black or futuristic-white and even features the light-up sole concept you were in love with back when you were a kid (they’re really banking on nostalgia points here). Not only do these puppies self-lace, but they also adjust as you’re walking to constantly give your foot optimal security within the shoe, like some kind of secret service guard for your feet. And of course it wouldn’t be a shoe released in 2016 if it didn’t rock that distinct flyknit look. The demand for this Nike first is high, so head on over to the official information page to increase your drive to put this set of kicks into your collection.


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