Show off your Inner “Sass” with our Fancy Bae Bomber Jacket!

Subliminal messages are never cool from a potential dating candidate or an ex, but hidden messages on clothes can be that extra something you need to express yourself without even having to open your mouth! Are you, “Oh, so Fancy!”? Well, this jacket literally says Fancy on it! Are you “Queen Fancy?!” or just a plain “Queen?!”, well throw it on sista because there are TWO crowns on this baby!

In our Bae Bomber Jacket, there are so many fun and clever things that you can express just by throwing it on! The amazing thing is, it’s perfect for all moods and a huge range of personalities! Throw it on after an all-nighter for an instant, effortless “cute”, get dolled up and dress it up, or keep it as your go-to layering piece! Everything about this bomber says dope, even the back of the right sleeve! ;)

 This jacket is only available for a little while longer! Get it while it’s hot at Share photos of you rocking your bomber jacket for a chance to win a prize! Tag us @royalbluejuniors on Instagram.

Models: Marissa Zandonella, Alexus Gordon, and Janine Cascio
Photographers: Molly Sheppard and Shu Chen
Designer: Michelle Richard, Royal Blue Junior’s

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