McDonald’s Releases Their First Anime-Style Commercial

Anime is known worldwide as having a distinct drawing style, and massive fan base, that every aspect of it has created its own unique subculture. Along with what can only be determined as a complete company-image overhaul, McDonalds has recently released a commercial in Japan illustrated in the style of the famous cartoon genre. We don’t have an active translation of the 90 second short film, but from what we can tell, the commercial follows the story of a McDonalds employee on her first day on the job. As she works diligently to try and impress her senpai (a Japanese word for “mentor” or “upperclassman”), she clumsily, but lovably, makes some honest mistakes. The commercial ends to show that the whole sequence was a flashback, and now that young and naïve drone in the super hive that is McDonalds staff, is now a slightly higher-up-on-the-ladder drone in the Fast Food mega hive. We have to admit, it is a pretty kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) commercial that’ll probably make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. So, does the fun loving commercial make Micky D’s seem a bit more human, or are they still the mega-machine that just wants our money for unhealthy, delicious burgers?

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