Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer is 30 Seconds of Glory


Everyone in the world is on the edge of their seats for the 6th Game of Thrones premier coming next month on April 24th. Last season we saw Stannis get the special head treatment (supposedly), little Arya Stark lose her sight, Daenerys go AWOL with one of her dragon babies, and Jon Snow get straight-up Ceasered by the Nights Watch. This new 30 second teaser gave us even more juicy info than the official season trailer. We see more footage of a grown-up Bran, Cersei rocking her brand new boy-cut (I’m sure she misses the long hair as much as we do), and horrifying images of the dreaded White Walker King. What exciting developments do you have for this season? Is Jon Snow really dead? Will Daenerys reclaim her former glory? And how do you think the HBO writing team will do now that the show is going to be released sooner than the books? Watch the adrenaline-inducing trailer below!

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