Product Review: Ripped and Patched Denim Shorts

Spring is finally upon us and as you know, it’s time to bring out your threads more appropriate for hot days and mild nights. We here at Royal Blue are very happy to bring you our new Ripped and Patched Denim Shorts. These 5-pocket, hand-stitched shorts subtly bring together a variety of commonplace features to make a single, well-coordinated, casual piece.

The base of the denim itself features a light washed-out look that serves as a canvas for the rest of the design. The embroidery on the back pockets are cleverly stitched around the ripped patches, with low-key double-sided triangle embroidery on lower half of the legs of the shorts.
Keeping the warmer weather in mind, the front holes of the Patched Denim Shorts are patched with a very breathable black polyester cloth, even further fostering the cooling effect that comes with this style of dress. Larger embroidery patterns accent the black patching on the front, while staying true to the shape of the rips, themselves.
Finally, small paint splatters of faded black and off white are clustered around the rips and embroidery, to bring the perfect dose of flare to a casual wardrobe. Make sure to match the Ripped and Patched Denim Shorts with a solid colored t-shirt to bring out their unique setup.

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