Instagram Pisses Off Their Fans with a New Update

If you haven’t heard about the new update, then we understand that living under a rock can be time consuming. Instagram decided to follow in Facebook’s steps and changed up their timeline. After the new update rollout, your feed will no longer be in chronological order. Instead, you will only see posts that seem “most relevant to you.” So does that mean if I like to look at big booties and the occasional sick rides, they’ll show me 9 butts to 1 car?

No company will be safe from this new feed. The only way to guarantee your fans see your post is either shell out loot for an Instagram Ad, or be one of “those” people who beg their fans to turn on notifications so their friends get an annoying alert on their phone every time you upload a new photo. So for the new kid who wants people to like their photo, good luck making it to your friends’ newsfeed. Take a look below about what everyone else saying about the new Instagram update or sign the petition to change Instagram back to chronological order!





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