Archer Rates Every James Bond Flick

After the hum-drum Spy film that was “007 Spectre”, it’s known the world over that there’s a new best spy in town (at least until it’s Edirs Elba’s get a go at the iconic role); and his name is Sterling Archer. While he may not have Bond’s incredible charisma and low-key swag, the idiot-spy certainly makes up in the hilarity department. As a new promo for the new season of “Archer”, which premiered March 31st  on FX, Agent Archer goes on to review all 24 James Bond movies and reasonably tells us what he likes and doesn’t like about the legendary films. Watch Archer flex his movie critic muscles as he tells us the worst parts about “Die Another Day”, Sean Connery’s tiny arms, and even Bond villain names are the funniest. He’d mention what Bond girls were the hottest, but he’s probably to knee deep in his own animated groupies to give them too much thought. Take a walk down nostalgia lane with the world’s dumbest world-class spy below!

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