The Funniest and Dumbest April Fools Pranks of 2016

Unfortunately for all of us, April Fools this year fell on a weekday. We already know how it probably went down for most of you. You walked into work, ready for the weekend before the clock even hit the time of your work shift, and that annoying Tina girl runs up to you to tell you that she’s moving to China tomorrow. And like a lightning bolt of shitty humor, she yells “APRIL FOOLS!”, before your still asleep brain even has time to process the question. And let’s not forget your boss’s cruel attempt at celebrating the foolish holiday. Although you laughed hard at their lie about everyone getting a raise, deep down they really know you only laughed because you really want to get those days off for Coachella this year. The only joy that comes from this holiday indefinitely is what you see here on the glorious world of the internet, whether it be genuinely funny or cringingly awful. We gathered up the worst of the worst and the best of the hilarious to get a good laugh. We’ll start with the bad and the ugly:


5.) Boyfriend Super Glues Girlfriend to Toilet (FAKE)

The idea sounds decent enough. Boyfriend gets back at his girlfriend for superglue-ing a hat to his head by superglue-ing her ass to a toilet. Well, we’re putting this at #5 on our thumbs down list because it’s clearly fake. The channel is called “Pranksters in Love”, and it’s one of several cookie cutter bf/gf YouTube accounts that tries and gets likes and subscribers for being based on a “cute and fun couple.” How do we know its fake you ask? Well, applying that much superglue to that much skin would not only begin burn the skin, but cause immense pain on superficially, despite not moving from the seat (if you don’t believe us, look it up). From the look of the video, the girlfriend is slightly flustered at most, not screaming in agony. If real, this whole fiasco would’ve required a call to 911, so it’s getting a major thumbs down from us.



We guess this guy thought he was clever for saying straight out that the prank would be awful. If there’s anything that can kill The Dab, it’s this cringey attempt at being the worst….



3.) Guys Camera “Dies” in the middle of Proposal Prank

So this particular video probably would have made it on our list, dead camera or not. Apparently this low-tier YouTuber was going to fake-propose to his girlfriend (awful choice getting her hopes up, first of all) and then let her know it was a set-up. Naturally, his camera died right as the joke was going down, and he concludes the video by plugging what his content will be about in the future…. We know the last place you want to hear about Click Bait ridicule is on a blog, but this guy’s attempt is the worst case we’ve ever seen.


2.) A Young MIKA Tries (and fails) to Prank his Whole Family

This installment is actually a pretty humorous story from British singer, MIKA about his attempt at a funny April Fool’s joke during his boyhood. Let’s just say, his parents reacted to his little fib in a predictable manner.



1.) Google Pranks Gmail Users & Costs Jobs

The massive and all-encompassing hive mind that is Skynet Google attempted jump in on the fun by adding a new feature to their Gmail accounts, used by literally millions of people around the world. Right next to the normal send button, Google placed a troll-ey “Mic Drop” option that replaced a reply to an email with a silly and dismissive Minion as the sent message to your family, friend, or even boss! The feature was quickly removed after thousands of complaints from people angering ones close to them and even some poor individuals losing their jobs. Hey Google, stick to collecting all our private information and leave the joke telling to actual human beings.


And now for the best and funniest jokes of 2016!!


5.) University of Florida and Florida State University Announce Merger

It’s no secret that college rivalries can certainly get heated. And one of the biggest in the land is the University of Florida Gators’ bitter rivalry with the Florida State University Seminoles. For April Fool’s Day, the presidents of the two schools got together to announce a merging of the colleges next year, that would take effect immediately. Naturally some current students and alumni on Twitter started to freak out.


4.) Bathstore’s Silent Loo App

No one prefers using the bathroom when they think outside ears can hear all the nitty-gritty details of the experience. So the UK’s biggest bathroom amenity chain, Bathstore, wanted to play on everyone’s fantasy of having an appropriate app for when the deed must get done. Need your phone to produce the sound of a Tsunami after some lunch at Chipotle? No problem at all for the Silent Loo App.


3.) Royal Caribbean Looks to Sail the Stars

Last Friday, cruise line Royal Caribbean let their loyal customers know that they were looking to start doing cruises in space starting in 2030! The phony vessel, “Orbiter Galaxies” would feature a skydiving simulator, two whole decks, and all glass walls and ceilings! We know this is a joke, but with how fast tech is moving, we wouldn’t put it past Apple to come up with an idea like this relatively soon…


2.) Google Cardboard

While the evil super computer brain that is Skynet Google certainly fucked up with their Mic Drop email button, they did make a pretty damn funny commercial for a fake upcoming piece of tech. Giving a humorous nod to the whole concept of tech commercials making trendy devices look necessary for survival itself, Google shows us the innovation and beautiful design of the brand new Google Cardboard Plastic


1.) BMW Baby Boots

We all know car commercials can be straight up hilarious for how little they seem to have to do with the actual car these days. These commercials always grab attention by being riddled with dreamy piano or violin solos, while featuring the voice of some British guy telling you how your car is somehow the same thing as your soul. BMW took the holiday to tell bring us some baby boots that will make feel the same exact way their vague and mysterious car commercials do. Well done, BMW, well done.

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