Nike Releases the Unique KD8’s

Kevin Durant is cementing himself to be one of the greats, and possibly even the greatest of this era. What stands in his way? Oh, just LeBron’s two rings, a QUICKLY evolving Anthony Davis, and Steph Curry literally shooting three’s like he has cheat codes for them. But nevertheless, if releasing some unique sneakers somehow aids the universe in the process of making you #1, Kevin just gained some major points. Set to release May 26th of this year, Kevin Durant is dropping a special edition of his Nike KD8’s, the Nike KD8 Elite, and they’re certainly the first shoe of its kind (at least with such a big name and brand attached to it). This new release will feature a thigh-high compression sock that is built into the shoe itself, making for a trend-setting look, despite losing a bit of casualness. With the Based God’s curse still lingering over Durant’s head, we have to wonder if Lil’ B will finally take mercy on the OKC Thunder superstar, and let Kevin win a ring. How do you feel about the sock shoe combo? Make sure to watch the promo below to hype you up for the May 26th drop.

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