Zara Releases Genderless Clothing Line

With the world in hot debate as to what gender should be or if it even matters, clothing and fashion have come to the forefront as one of the components of the debate. Is pink a girly color? Are baggy jeans reserved for those who are masculine? So it comes as no surprise to us that fashion company, Zara, is releasing its very own clothing line that looks to be devoid of gender, appropriately labeled, “Ungendered.”


Featuring jeans, hoodies, sweaters, all at a pretty affordable range, they get our approval on that front. However, we have to beg the question: why so plain? We love the all-genders inclusion idea for its innovation, but do gender-neutral clothes have to be so… neutral-looking? To the untrained eye, many pieces in this line wouldn’t seem to be doing anything a pack of plain white t-shirts from Target wouldn’t do. So in our humble opinion, some colors and abstract design options certainly wouldn’t do their Ungendered line any disservice. How do you feel about Zara’s attempt at neutrality? Make sure to drop over to Zara to see all the items in the collection.


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