MTV Movie Awards 2016’s Best Dressed and Funniest Moments

As time passes, like the existence of LeBron James’s hairline, the good old days of MTV being associated with actual music becomes more and more of a distant memory. To further cement this awkward prerogative of dealing with all things non-musical, MTV had their 25th annual Movie Awards in sunny Burbank California, and who knew this year’s installment would have so much to cover; from fashion, to awkward and hilarious moments. We’ll start with the clothes. The general wardrobe choices were more casual than other, more formal award shows, bringing out more particular tastes of the attendees, not typically seen at suit & tie affairs.

Kevin Hart: A Choice Almost as Bold as his Hosting Performance

We’ll cover his chaotic hosting job with The Rock in more detail later, but the tiny comedian’s black and red studded leather jacket was a pretty bold choice for the red carpet. Looking like a Thriller-era Michael Jackson fused with a low-level Motorcycle Gang Henchman, Hart’s outfit seemed to unexpectedly work out pretty well.


Cara Delevingne: 1 Part Bond Girl, 1 Part Bond Villain

Model turned actress, Cara Delevingne, is known for always dressing to the nines for various public appearances, but she definitely outdid herself last night. With a selection from Balmain’s Fall 2016 collection, the supermodel carried a look that would make her a perfect Bond girl and villain for 007 movies. Equal parts sexy and dangerous.


Jared Leto: Not Quite Doing Leather the Right Way

Remember how we said Kevin Hart’s choice of leather surprisingly worked out? Well let’s just say Jared Leto’s leather-focused outfit did the exact opposite of working out. If Kevin Hart is a surprisingly successful mix of Michael Jackson and biker gang henchman, Jared Leto looks like a dropped extra from an episode of Sons of Anarchy. It looks like you’re going to do a stellar job as the next Joker Jared, but don’t let your character’s psychotic nature get to your fashion-sense….


And now the Moments from the star-studded night. And trust us, they’re definitely interesting moments…..



The Rock and Kevin Hart's Entire Host Performance...

Being possibly the two of biggest stars for mediocre movies this year, Dwayne “The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart’s hosting job was anything but mediocre. From coming out in extremely tight Batman and Superman outfits, to rapping about Leonardo DiCaprio getting fucked by an animal, these two put on a performance we’ll remember for years to come.




Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine Take the Kiss to a Weird Level

It’s well known now that one of the most unique honors at the MTV Movie Awards is receiving that Golden Popcorn Bucket for “Best on-screen kiss.” This year’s winners were Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine for their smooch in Pitch Perfect 2, where onstage, they took passion to the max as Adam threw Rebel to the floor like a cop tackling a shoplifter. Oh, and the camera guy got a nice, pixelated view of Rebel’s wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy!




The Lonely Island Honor Will Smith

Further proving that everything they rap comes out hilarious, SNL-based music group, The Lonely Island, paid homage to Will Smith’s music (yes, we’re talking about music on MTV for once) by doing a quick 2 minute mashup of all of Smith’s hits over the decades. This performance will have you bobbing your head from cheesy 80’s nostalgia and laughing all at the same time.

What were your favorite moments from the night? And how the hell do you think MTV will top this awesome show in 2017?

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