Royal Blue's Predictions for the NBA Playoffs

Playoffs season is finally upon us, but before you click off to another site thinking we’ll say the Warriors will win, hear us out. Yes, the Golden State Warriors won the most games ever to date, and yes Stephen Curry beat his own record for making the most 3’s in a season (402 pts.), but can they do it again? We’ve broken down our top teams that can take it all this year.


The Cleveland Cavaliers: 57-25

The Cavs are definitely number 1 on our list to beat the Warriors. Unlike last year, when the championship game was Warriors vs. LeBron, the Cavs will have the gang back together this time around to take on their Western rivals. If James alone can carry the Cavs through the Finals last year, imagine what kind of damage they can do when their squad is healthy? They will have a lot of downtime to strategize as we feel they are the only team in the East to steamroll their opponents in the Eastern Conference.


San Antonio Spurs: 67-15

Although the Warriors are critics and fan favorites for winning it all, they have to defeat the Spurs in their division before meeting the Cavs in the Finals. The Spurs are currently in 2nd place in the Western Conference, and is also one of the 9 teams that beat the Warriors this season. Not only do they have a perennial all-star coach in the league, but with the acquisition of all-star player, LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs have the best chance to win it all. Don’t sleep on this team who only won 2 years ago where they nearly swept LeBron and the Heat at 4 games to 1.


Oklahoma City Thunder: 55-27

The Thunder has two things going for them this year; good luck and good health. They have won 5 division titles in the last 6 seasons, which is almost unheard of for teams to do. The Thunder also has one of the best lineups in the NBA. With star power on their side, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook make a deadly duo. Just because they’re the underdogs doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. The Thunder has the willpower and a healthy, strong roster to win it all this year.


The Golden State Warriors: 73-9

Ever since the Golden State Warriors treated us with the best regular season in NBA history, they have been the talk of the town and in the conversation of every sports outlet worldwide. The question is now; can they continue their winning streak? They may have won last year, but now that the above-mentioned teams are all healthy it’s really a tossup. Since we’re a big believer of a natural balance in life, perhaps Curry’s ankle injury may flare up and keep him sidelined, paving a way for a new Finals champion.

Check out the playoff schedule here.

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