Car Sharing Apps are the New Tinder

Now that Uber and Lyft have become well-known taxi alternatives in the US, users have decided to find an even better way to use the transportation app other than for traveling; getting laid. By choosing the “carpool” option for both Uber(Pool) and Lyft(Line), not only do you save money but you increase your chances of meeting your next hookup, wife or husband. It’s just like speed dating, except you have no clue if you will be sharing the car with a dude, your grandma, or the girl who just broke up with her boyfriend and is on the rebound. Who doesn’t like a bit of Russian Roulette, right?

For you risk averse, hetero guys out there, if blind date roulette isn’t your style, you can always try the newest app, Ohlala to get right down to the fun.  Simply put in your “request” with the price you’re willing to pay, and within 21 minutes, you can see if any “hot” women have agreed to your terms. Unfortunately, this newest app is only available in NYC and select cities in Germany.

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