The Toronto Raptors Mascot is Clearly a Belieber

Finally, the days of mundane monotonous regular season basketball games are behind us. Now, we are in the hot summer months of exciting, smash-mouth hoops, as teams fight against elimination in the hunt to become the NBA Finals Champion. With the intense up-spike of competition come the same up-spike in crazy mascot antics. Among NBA mascots, the Toronto Raptors mascot, simply known as “The Raptor,” is well known among his kin as being right up there with Benny the Bull of Chicago and Bango of the Bucks for crazy and humorous numbers amongst the crowd during halftime.

To start off the playoff season, The Raptor decided to do a little number to celebrate one of the greatest, Canadian-created, world-driving forces to ever exist in the history of the world: Justin Bieber. Donning a Bieberesque wig, The Raptor went to the middle of the court to show off his best karaoke skills to Justin’s smash singles, “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry.” Naturally, the crowd found it hilarious, further showing that Bieber will always be a laughable subject, even if he makes good music. This has to make you wonder, between the midas touch of Drake, the cultural phenomenon that is Justin Bieber, and the world’s coolest politician Norm Kelly (seriously, go check out his baller AF Twitter), is it finally time for Canada’s rise as a top-dawg when it comes to pop culture? Check out the well-done halftime show below.

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