Pennsylvania Steps in the Right Direction with Medical Marijuana Bill

With more and more studies showing that marijuana is much more harmless than these addictive and dangerous pain killers on the drug market, more states seems to be agreeing with the idea of legalizing everyone’s favorite green plant for pain, insomnia, or other common ailments hindering the lives of people. And with more and more people smoking weed for fun, more states are figuring it won’t be so bad to fully legalize just to keep the general public happier (shout out to Denver and Seattle). As of last weekend, Pennsylvania’s made a step in the right direction, with the state-wide legalization of medical cannabis (although, you would’ve swore it was completely legal at Made in America Festival Last Year). Passing the bill this past Sunday, state senator, Daylin Leach, summed up the final decision like a boss in an interview with local news outlet WPVI:

      “We stopped being liberals and started being problem solvers, and we stopped being conservatives and started being compromisers…. We stopped being politicians and started being human beings."

Somebody get this man the fattest of joints for his undoubtedly stressful job as senator, because it’s safe to say that’s what anyone who’s smoked pot believes at this point. Pennsylvania plans to open around 150 medical dispensaries over the next 2 years, while also setting parameters for healthcare providers as to how to properly distribute future prescriptions. How long do you think it’ll take for other states to follow suit? And additionally, will the federal government ever step in and just legalize it nationwide? Just a thought for a lit 4/20.

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