Pizza Box or Weed Pipe? Same Thing

Some things just go together like they were never meant to be enjoyed separately. Like Kobe and Shaq, peanut butter and chocolate, or Tyga and L’s. And when it comes to smoking dank bud, it’s only common knowledge that pizza is the next logical course of action, like the 4 in 2+2. What seems to be a for sure high-dea is being written off as a pizza-influenced idea, as New York inventor Nikolas Gregory came up with the concept of a pizza box/weed pipe while just eating pizza (allegedly).


Gregory partnered up with the restaurant, Push for Pizza to get the design onto some official boxes. After some prototypes and vigorous testing by several weed/pizza enthusiasts, the cardboard-based pipe was cleared as safe for usage. With the national holiday of April 20th here, we can’t imagine the wait for one of these boxes is a short one, so if you’re in the New York area, don’t get too stoned before dropping a line to get your hands on the future of blazed munching!


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