Steph Curry’s Stacking Up Commercials Like 3-Pointers Now

The true magic that lies within the essence of the NBA playoffs is that great tension that builds with the passing of each game. At the end of every meet, there will always be a winner and a loser. One team that much closer to walking away from the season empty-handed, with the other squad one victory closer to raising up that beautiful Golden Ball. If the various current and future teams slated to face off against the crowd favorite, Golden State Warriors, need any more inspiration to try and slay the Curry-headed dragon this postseason, it’s certainly here. Under Armour has decided that with every single 3-point shot Curry makes, they’ll be releasing a unique three second commercial during game airtime in his glorious honor. Starting during the first game against the Western Conference 8th seed, Houston Rockets, each 3 second commercial seems to be a part of one long commercial showing Curry’s preparation for reigning those 50 footers with ease. Now, we’re all for humbleness over cockiness but we have to admit, this is a pretty cool idea by the Nike competitor. Of course you have to wonder if Under Armor will end up running out of commercial before the playoffs are even done. Check out two segments of the commercial in the Complex News coverage video below.




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