The Black Mamba Collection

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game happened on April 13th 2016, finishing his basketball career with an incredible 60-point performance. What you may not know is the amazing relationship Kobe had with Nike for the past 13 years. Nike chose to honor that relationship when they released the “Black Mamba Collection”, previously known as the “Fade to Black Collection” last month.  The collection began on March 22nd, with Nike re-releasing the first ever Kobe signature shoe, the Huarache 2k4. They continued to release the remaining 12 Kobe sneakers leading up to his newest one, the Nike Kobe 11 Elite Low FTB on April 13th, which he also wore on his last game. “Mamba Day” turned out to be NikeiD’s most successful launch to date with a 100% sell-through rate. Check out his entire line of Signature Sneakers below, and take a look at the Nike Mamba page to get a sweet pair of your own here

The Kobe Signature Sneaker Collection


The Kobe 11 Elite Low FTB


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