There is Now a T-shirt that Will Help You Speak Any Language

Not all emojis are created equal and it sometimes leads to awkward exchanges, yes we’re talking about you, purple eggplant. If you’re still figuring that one out, the shape alone and a 13 year old sense of humor should give it away by now. What if someone is just hungry and pings a taco emoji, they may not realize the recipient may interpret it as a booty call invitation. So how do you find your way when you’re lost in a foreign country? Where can you find a nice hot meal? How do I get online? The company, IconSpeak shared the same frustrations and created a simple solution in the form of tees to resolve all that.

IconSpeak sought a way to list common tourist queries and be universally understood. The answer, a tee shirt featuring 40 different icons through emoji symbols. Whether you’re looking for Wi-Fi, the airport, or even place to go bike riding, this shirt has you covered (pun intended).

So instead of using Google Translate and needing to sell your first born to Verizon to pay for roaming data, or attempt to have possibly an inappropriate conversation through your phones emojis, you can simply wear this shirt, travel, find someone that looks like they would know some shit about the area and politely point at your emoji of concern to elicit a response. Check out the T-shirt here.




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