James Corden Becomes Anyone and No One

*WARNING SPOILERS. Nothing too crazy but we know how you guys get…*

Fellow Game of Thrones fanatics, the days are finally upon us. Like the Starks waiting for winter, we have finally been graced with the brand new, 6th season of Game of Thrones. If you watched it on HBO (or sketchy tube site) last night, you know that audiences couldn’t ask for a much better set up for the next 9 episodes. We see shit’s about go down between the Lannisters and Martells due to dead daddys and poisoned daughters, our favorite sexy dragon queen, Daenerys, has been forcibly sworn into a form of widowed nun-hood, and we learned that Melisandre is wearing possibly the dopest Instagram filter ever created around her neck. We’re already itching with excitement for next Sunday.

To hype up the country for the series’ triumphant return from the 315-day break, America’s favorite funny British guy, Late Late Show host, James Corden joined several characters from the current season to make light of the grim Hall of Faces, found in the House of Black and White where the Faceless men formerly trained Arya Stark to become a master of disguise. If you’re a fan of cheesy jokes, this skit might as well be a pizza with extra cheese for you. How’d you feel about the new season premiere, and what new storylines are you most excited for?

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