Drake Reveals Cover Art for “Views from the 6”

They say many great things come in 3’s, but these next 3 days definitely aren’t great things for Drake fans. Hell, these next 72 hours might as well be an eternity, because on April 29th, the world will finally be getting Aubrey’s Graham’s long-awaited masterpiece, “Views from the 6.” The proud Toronto native has hinted at this album for years now, and the few and far between singles from the collection have done nothing but dominate charts, streaming services and blog sites. A few days ago, Drake decided to let the world know what the front of the album would look like, and with this choice, he chose to honor Toronto. The city that shows him so much love that the Toronto Raptors have a “Drake” theme nights to honor former Degrassi Star.



Shot by photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg, the cover for Views features Drake on top of the iconic CN Tower in Toronto Canada, which honestly, true Drake super-fans may not be too surprised by (he has a tattoo of the tower on his bicep for god’s sake). The Canadian landmark has come up numerous times in Drake’s lyrics and music videos. Whether he be riding an elevator to the top both literally and metaphorically in his video for “Highlights” or using it as a night sky backdrop in “Started From the Bottom”, Drake looks to make CN Tower synonymous with his music and his movement. The marvel of human architecture seems to be an image he has really come to identify with over these past few years while being at the top the music game. They say never judge a book by its cover, but that little pearl of wisdom says nothing about album covers, so by our estimates, the hype is real, here, and surely believable. How pumped are you for Drake’s Views from the 6? Do you think the cover’s epic-simplicity is a good choice when it comes to just how hyped up Views from the 6 is?

Oh, you didn’t think we forgot to bring you some hilarious memes, did you?


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