Someone Paid Soulja Boy $400 Million Dollars???

Soulja Boy supposedly inked a $400MM deal and has been putting his newfound riches on blast since announcing it on his Twitter four days ago. This deal with some unknown entity would put him among the ranks of hip hop mogul including Jay-Z, Diddy and Dre. He even outed himself saying he’s soon to become #4 richest in hip hop. Let’s rewind and really break this down for a minute.

There is no doubt Soulja achieved success early in his career when his song first appeared on HBO’s Entourage back in 2007 and the hit single “Crank That” reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 when he was only 17. The following years didn’t match his early successes and the only headlines he was making was a series of beefs with Ice-T, Bow Wow, Hopsin, Chief Keef, and the US Armed Forces. So this makes this $400MM signing more mysterious than the whereabouts of that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

The only rapper in recent memory to sign anything close to that figure is Dr. Dre and his deal with Apple. So what can it possibly be, his new mobile app? his label? he doesn’t have anything selling close to Diddy’s Ciroc brand appeal. Maybe he misquoted or even misread the 400MM as pesos? Just remember that the original source of this news is from Soulja Boy’s Twitter.




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