HUV Brings the Future to Sneakers

Have you ever wondered why the world decided to give up on making things float? Back to the Future 2 promised hover transportation by 2015, but all we have are these dumb, explosive boards with two wheels that people have decided to call “hover boards.” Well like many cool ideas today, the dream has been brought back to life through a start-up company named “HUV”. HUV originally created the design to allow a sneaker fans to display the most valuable pieces of their collection on a beautiful, backlit, floating display, however, the creator said that the idea has now spanned to other types of products. HUV puts their product’s use on display in bedrooms, office buildings as business card holders, boutiques, and even in restaurants to display food. Check out the necessity you never know you needed below, and you can make a donation to the ambitious product here.

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