Drake Stays King on SNL

The lord of the Hotline Bling and god of the 6, Aubrey Graham, aka Drake, is set to have the utmost lit summer 2016. The release of his latest studio album, “Views” has already seen massive success and brought along with it several summer anthems on top of its other massively successful past released singles. So what’s the next logical move for the Degrassi alumni? Have a break out performance on SNL to remind us this singing guy can still do a hell of an acting job too. In an attempt to tickle the fancy of the younger generation, Drake dedicated his opening monologue to idea of memes, before doing a skit for the older crowd poking fun at Jeopardy.


Drake even made his beef with Meek Mill even more laughable by doing a skit that featured a diss track for everyone who slightly perturbed the Toronto native. With all these hilarious skits and bits, it’s easy to forget Mr. Graham is on SNL to deliver a musical performance as well. Flexing his vocal prowess, Drake preformed “One Dance”, the latest radio single off of Views.

But of course, because Drake is never just a one-dimensional subject, that fresh utility jacket he was wearing during his performance is selling like hot cakes. Being a part of the winter 2015 collection by Wil Fry, the jacket really fits a simple and downplayed look, as Drizzy chose to rock the piece while wearing just jeans, boots and a white tee. The white version of the jacket currently seems to be a Drake exclusive, but make sure to grab either the navy blue or black version to really amp up your summer jacket game.


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