Rangers and Blue Jays Brawl it Out

While summer can bring plenty of fun in the sun, beach balls with bikinis, and months of daytime chillin’ (for those of you lucky enough to not be in the work force...), it also brings its downsides. While the warmth is appreciated, especially for us here in the colder areas of the world, we also see a huge slowdown in sports entertainment. That’s right, we are steadily approaching the thick of baseball season. We’re months away from the excitement of football, and basketball is only weeks from being kaput, so when we see two teams get into a brutal fight out in the middle of the field, we totally understand where their frustration comes from. No longer do members of the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays get to sit back in their huge ass houses and enjoy NBA double headers or Monday night football. No, when it’s summer time, they are forced to watch 162 games of baseball, simply because they are employed by the MLB *cue “Arms of the Angel Music*.  The teams’ respective slow-boiling frustrations came to the top of their pots this past Sunday, when Jose Bautista slid into the Rangers’s second basemen, leading to a team-wide brawl that resulted in Bautista’s ejection from the game. Maybe if this happened in Fall, during Football season, the two involved in the incident would’ve just shook it off due to being a generally better mood. Let’s just hope the King of Toronto, Drake, can calm down Bautista before his next game with a free white Wil Fry jacket, or The Blue Jays will be sure to see some L’s during their long time away from sport watching.

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