Stanford Develops First Wall-Climbing Drone

Between some air drones wielding chainsaws and police departments shooting down drones from Amazon that are attempting to deliver packages, there’s not much left these flying machines of the future need to achieve in terms of being a threat. Surely, drones have potential to become the doomsday human-slayers Harlan Ellison dreamt of when writing The Terminator movies, and today marks one step closer to that reality. In an attempt to address the supposedly short battery life of drones, researchers at Stanford University have developed a method for drones to attaches to walls and move across them as opposed to hovering in the air and draining battery life. In the video below, watch as a drone attaches to a wall effortlessly and subtly, in areas perfect for “surprise surveillance” and documenting of your various daily activity for the government or photographers or whatever…. How do you feel about drone’s moving along walls now and drones in general? Cool devices to make our lives easier or potential to become quite a nuisance for our privacy?



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