Calvin Klein’s Latest Campaign Wants to Tickle Your Fancy

After enlisting a Kardashian (Kendall Jenner) as one of its official models and giving Justin Bieber fake abs in his own photoshoot, Calvin Klein wants you to know that they didn’t peak in the 90’s when it comes to relevancy or sex appeal. The Calvin Klein brand has just launched a pretty damn provocative and sexually-charged ad campaign for the summer, and the internet seems to be pretty split over the whole venture. Some of us are loving the transformation and the bold approach to sexual content, while others view the strategy as desperate and in some cases, downright perverted.

The one that seems to be bothering people the most is this up-skirt shot of a model that bares the title, “I flash in #mycalvins.” Some naysayers say that the ad promotes the perverted practices of voyeurs who may try and grab camera shots like this in everyday life. To avoid being deemed pervs ourselves, we kept the shot off our page, but you can check out the controversial image here.


Naughty CK #sheisinhercalvins

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Hold up: @saskiadebrauw, as photographed by @harleyweir for the Spring 2016 campaign. #mycalvins

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Laid-back with actor @abbeylee in the Spring 2016 advertising campaign. Photographed by @harleyweir. #mycalvins

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The rest certainly seem to be grabbing attention as well, ranging from Kendall Jenner holding a piece of fruit that looks a shit ton like a vagina (of course the ad mentions “eating” in Calvins), to another model showing just enough areola to not get kicked off Instagram (which has since been photoshopped to make less blatant). How do you like the chosen direction for Calvin Klein this summer? Are they doing too much, or sexily enough? (But we think everyone can appreciate the cute lamb in this random ad choice)


Gentle as a lamb: model and artist @saskiadebrauw, photographed by @harleyweir. #mycalvins

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