IBM Creates a Super Computer Lawyer

Remember doing that big school project the night before it was due, and in that moment, realizing that while Google is a powerful tool, you still need to have enough knowledge to use the right websites (since teachers despised the rarely-wrong wisdom of Wikipedia)? Those times were dark indeed, but thanks to IBM, if you find yourself going into the attorney business, you can do all your case research the night before trial with peace of mind, thanks to “ROSS”, the super computer lawyer.


Have a legal question of any kind? Ross can fully understand your question, answer it, and provide references from which its answer is based off of. And of course, to make sure it is constantly improving, ROSS adds to its knowledge and responding competence with every question it is asked. Looking to jump on the trend, massive Cleveland law firm Baker & Hostetler were the first to “hire” ROSS for its services, with several other law firms quickly following suit. Between solving legal battles and wall climbing, the sky certainly seems to be the limit for our future robot overloads A.I.!!

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