Laughing Chewbacca Mom Gets the Hook Up

The internet can be cold and merciless or mysterious in its ways of blessing. A tool for trolling at the expense of others or a place where we can all share in a happy, positive laugh. Recently, to continue on its streak of randomness, the depths of the internet have been birthed the most recent viral sensation: a mom laughing hysterically while wearing a Chewbacca mask (yup, random as fuck). On her way to return some purchases from Kohl’s, Ms. Caydence Payne bought a Chewbacca Mask for her birthday, and is more lit about it than you have been the past 3 weekends getting drunk at bars. Ah, the joys of simple fun from toys.

The uploaded Facebook video has over 137 million views and counting, and since Kohl’s wanted to cash in on this free publicity, they decided to do a follow up video where the hooked up Ms. Payne and her whole family with Star Wars toys. So next time you’re wondering if you should record yourself doing something slightly strange, like Nike says, just do it.

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