New Study Finds No One Likes Your Selfies as Much as You Do

There. You finally got it. The perfect selfie of you that shows just how much fun you’re having at brunch this Sunday. Is there a picture of your brunch company, the food, or where the hell you even ate? No, but it’s okay, because that’s what selfies are, just you, and maybe some sunglasses. Surely, your hundreds of followers love them though. Your past bae from high school still likes all of them and you can just feel the cutie at your job drooling over them. Well, not quite. According to recent study, your selfies aren’t even close to the bright point of anyone’s day.

In a psychological study at the University of Toronto, researchers asked participants to rate various test subjects’ selfies against pictures taken by someone else (so, “non-selfie” pictures). The researchers concluded that surveyors usually liked non-selfie pictures much more than selfies, probably stemming to the idea that selfies really represent a level of public narcissism. Not to mention, a wide angle shot of someone with friends in a place should be more enjoyable of a picture than just your face. Normal pictures say, “Hey, I was here, at a place, having fun, and I was smiling”, as opposed to your selfie that pretends like you didn’t even mean to take it. What do you think of other people’s selfies, and are you a bit guilty over indulging in the practice? See YouTuber Super Woman break it down the selfie-culture perfectly below.

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