Minnesota Declares May 23rd as Beyoncé Day

May 28, 2016

We all knew the Beehive was influential, but did anyone think they were this powerful? On Monday, Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Flint Smith officially declared May 23rd as Beyoncé Day. The announcement happened the morning of Queen B’s Formation tour stop in Minneapolis and was later announced by Fox News on their Facebook page. Dayton and Smith claimed they created the holiday in her name because of her positive influence on young girls and women found in the lyrics of her songs. Although the intentions were positive, the reaction was quite the opposite. Sure, Bey may talk about how her “persuasion can build a nation”, but it can also cause a huge controversy. Critics of Bey Day question if she’s actually a positive role model with lyrics like “you can watch my fat ass twist boy, as I bounce to the next d*** boy”. Don’t worry Beehive, from the words of the queen herself, “I twirl on them haters.” Check out the backlash from the announcement below.