Mark Down Guess as the Newest Clothing Line Apart of the Genderless Trend

With all the debate going on when it comes to the challenging of the U.S.’s two-gender system and what constitutes someone’s right to use a restroom along those lines, as usual, fashion is at the forefront in terms of addressing the social atmosphere surrounding the hot button topic. As we’ve reported, Zara was among the first clothing lines to create clothing devoid of gender. Now, the much more well-known apparel company, GUESS, has teased a new gender-grey campaign, titled “HIS + HERS.”

HIS + HERS is mainly being marketed as a “unisex” line, that will feature mainly basic looking pieces. Previews of the look seem to show jeans that are on the baggier side of the skinny jean fee, solid color tees, basic crewnecks, and skinny blazers. From our point of view, this move is definitely a bold and a risky one from the California brand. The masculine feel has certainly been diminished to an extent in order to find a middle ground. By doing this. Several of the shirts are thin and flowing, kind of giving them a blouse-feel more than a genderless vibe. The line is dropping this Fall, are you thinking of grabbing anything from this collection?

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