Royal Blue’s Favorite Sunglasses for 2016 that Won’t Break the Bank

The snow and cold is finally melting away and everyone’s getting ready to hop out of their coats and switch into their bathing suits. Whether you’re ready to show off that summer body for the fans, or still got some of those taco and pizza pounds to lose, you surely got protect those eyes from the suns warm rays. As you’d guess we here at Royal Blue care about what goes on your face, just as much as your person, so we gathered up a list of our favorite sunglasses for Summer 2016 that won’t cost you half a rent payment.

  1. The Smith Lowdown Sunglasses

Priced at around $60, the Smith Lowdown Sunglasses give a slight burst of color of fuchsia on the bottom of the frame. Has a very fun feel for a person who’s trying to project light-hearted vibes.


  1. Ray Ban Clubmaster

Our list wouldn’t be complete without adding a piece from Ray Ban. What we really dig about the Ray Ban Clubmaster is the fresh spin on their classic design with an invisible bottom frame for the relatively low price of $150.

  1. Le Specs Thunderdome Polarised Shades

These days, so many typical frame styles have been done to death, so we have to show props to any design that ventures off from that feel. The Le Specs Thunderdomes have a unique octagonal frame design that’s sure to get you a lot of compliments and can be yours for about $80 USD.

  1. Caper Rectangular Sunglasses

This rectangular frame around its oval-esque lenses make the Caper look like some awesome cross between traditional Ray Ban’s and traditional aviators. For $130, we say skip out on both of those and cop this sexy sunglasses child of theirs.

  1. The Charleston

And for our #1 pick of the summer, we’re going with the Vint and York Charelstons. With a complete nod to the retro round lenses of old, the Charelstons feature a removable and replaceable front tinted lens that can be swapped out for different colors (sold separately) at your discretion. A very old school look for the modern-day multi-faceted individual at $149.

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