The NBA Playoffs in a Nutshell

With the NBA Playoffs finally coming to a thunderous (no pun intended) close Monday night, we can easily say this has been one of the most entertaining and tension filled playoff series in recent memory. To most people’s surprise, The Spurs didn’t make it to the Western Conference Finals, The Miami Heat lost their hot factor due to key injuries, and Drake’s trolling proved to be no match for LeBron and The Cavs, as they took the title of Eastern Conference Champion for the second consecutive year to face the defending champions.

The craziest part of the playoffs however? It surely has to be that the curse to end all curses is still alive and well. No, not the Madden Cover Curse (football is still an entire summer away, sadly), but The Based God’s Curse on Kevin Durant. That’s right; after being up 3 games to 1, Kevin Durant and the Thunder lost in game 7 to The Warriors, eliminating them from title contention. Some experts believe this doesn’t stem from the Warriors playing better, or The Thunder playing worse, but from some shade that Kevin Durant threw at Lil B over 5 years ago.



But now that that’s over and the curse has been fully realized for another year, we all wait eagerly for game 1 of the NBA Finals to begin on June 2nd, as a revitalized Cavaliers face a now fallible Warriors team. Super computers have The Warriors winning in 5 games against The Cavs, with most analysts saying the series will more than likely go to 6 games with The Warriors still coming out on top. Who do you think will be holding the golden ball at the end of it all?

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