Drunk People Describe Love

Love. Love can be a mysterious thing. It makes people act crazy, irrational, violent, kind, and even publicly humiliate themselves. So Buzzfeed thought it would be a great idea to get some young people drunk on the greatest of all courageous liquids (tequila), and ask them their unadulterated opinion on the powerful human emotion. Participants describe what kind of instrument they think love is, what kind of majestic animal it would take the form of, and even what they love about love. You hear answers ranging from an ugly butterfly, to some form of string instrument, and even a man’s love of cats fueling his very ideas of love. How do you feel about love? Is it real? Is just a tool geared towards survival, or is it something that seems just a bit easier to be in after a few shots of tequila? Watch the hilarious Buzzfeed short below!

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