Soulja Boy Does Some Spring Cleaning for His Label

You remember the days when big shirts were still pretty cool, your Myspace profile was more important than your job resume, and you thought maybe, just maybe, the world could finally know peace because of how much everyone loved the Crank Dat Soulja Boy Dance? Yes, the days of our youth were bright and full of hope, like Soulja Boy’s potential, but now we know that the world isn’t quite that convenient. And a pinnacle of the mid 2000’s, DeAndre Way, a.k.a. Soulja Boy, has been taking L’s ever since those glory days.



Yup, just shortly after completely lying to the world about getting a $400 million deal from a poker company, Soulja Boy somehow follows up that awful move with an even crazier one: dropping every artist from his label, SODMG. What’s this mean for the Rap Game, you’re wondering? Well, apparently not too much. SODMG’s biggest signees in its history have been Lil B and RiFF RAFF, who are both no longer apart of the label, so it seems no platinum level recording artists have been released into the wild from this business move. Mr. Way claims that this move is mainly to get a clean start, and to free him from the several snakes in his life (someone call up a zoo to help this guy out). Whatever is left to come from SODMG, let’s just hope it’s better than Soulja Boy’s last single dedicated to the Steph Curry…




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