There’s Now Pants to Save you from Embarrassment

Jun 06, 2016

Today, wearable technology is becoming the new norm in our everyday life. Although shirts that track your heart rate and jackets that regulate body temperate are useful in certain situations, it’s just not that practical. Pants that tell you when your fly is down, however, is something entirely different. Introducing Noti-fly, the first pair of pants that will “notify you” when you forget to zip up. By using the button in your pants as an on/off switch, these slacks are able to tell when your fly is down and will alert you on your phone via Bluetooth. Created by Chaotic Moon, a creative tech company based in Austin, Texas, these pants will save you from any potential future embarrassment of looking like a tool or have that tool be exposed the next time you forget to zip up. Take a look at the video below to see the pants in action.

CHAOTIC R&D NOTIFLY from Chaotic Moon Studios on Vimeo.