Nick Cannon Wants Marshall Mathers

You remember the story of David and Goliath? The story of a young boy named David going up against the giant Goliath, in a fight that reads a lot like it was the first upset in the history of the world? Well, it looks like the world’s most famous D-list celebrity and Wild N’ Out host, Nick Cannon, wants to set up the most surprising upset since that fateful day thousands of years ago. By challenging one of the world’s greatest lyricists to a rap battle: Eminem.

In an interview for British radio show, Tim Westwood TV, Nick went on quite a cocky and loud rant about how much he is itching to have this rap battle with any rapper willing to go at it, betting $100,000 on his own abilities. He’s offered an invitation to the members of Hip Hop collective Slaughter House (all of which could probably destroy Cannon in a battle), and Kylie Jenner’s ex, Tyga (Because he knows the world would love to see Tyga take another L). Every one of the rappers he’s attempted to challenge have turned down the offer probably ignored his request, so now he’s publicly calling out Eminem to take him on.  No word on Eminem’s response yet (which you shouldn’t hold your breath on…), but we’re pretty certain Marshall Mathers would wipe the floor with Cannon. Seriously, it’s almost too difficult to take him seriously in this interview, he’s wearing TWO PAIRS of headphones for fuck’s sake. But what do you think would happen in a rap battle between the rap god and Mariah Carey’s ex-husband? A predictable W for Eminem or a David and Goliath moment for Nick Cannon?

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