Shaq Takes Us for a Lyft

With the sheer dominance the driving service Uber has had for the past few years, it’s pretty astonishing to see Lyft giving them a run for their money. A big part of Lyft catching up to the juggernaut that is Uber, is their ability to tickle our fancies past the level of giving us a reliable DD to the bars. In their special YouTube short, “Undercover Lyft”, Lyft decided to team up with former big man great and Laker legend Shaquille O’Neal, to give unsuspecting passengers a ride they’ll never forget. Watch the Kazaam himself flex his impersonation muscles as he disguises himself as a biker, Rastafarian, a Frenchman and even a punk rock kid. Obviously, a few of the passengers knew it was Shaq, but a couple went on completely clueless, which kind of amazes us, considering he’s the size of a literal house. But let’s face it, too much eye contact with your Lyft driver can be a hella awkward, unless they break the ice by teaching you how to shoot free throws. Check out the funny short below!

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