Mark Zuckerberg Gets Hacked

The term “hacking” has seen to lose some meaning today. Very often, we see people claim they were hacked after one of their close friends went on their phone or lap top and posted a Facebook status saying “I LOOK LIKE POOP AND LOVE BECKY OMG <3.” Well, we’re for damn sure Mark Zuckerberg wishes that’s how he was hacked as opposed to the actual hacking of his LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest accounts that happened earlier last week. Some genius hackers went deep into security blockades to attain the coveted login info of Mr. Zuckerberg, and what was his complex and un-guessable password, you ask? It was “Dadada” for all three accounts…. That’s it. Pretty much the kind of password Yahoo mail and Gmail tell you not to make when creating an account, yeah, the man who changed social media forever had that kind of password.

The LinkedIn breach was made possible due to a massive account info leak that occurred shortly before the Zuckerberg debacle, releasing thousands of LinkedIn passwords. This led to a group of hackers easily guessing the rest of Zuckerberg’s accounts. The team claiming responsibility for the security breach is a hacker group named “OurMine”, and the group even claimed to have gotten their hands on Zuckerberg’s Instagram info. The anonymous group and Facebook CEO had a short exchange directly on Twitter, and Engadget managed to grab some screenshots of the beef. Let’s hope this teaches Zuckerberg to practice what his Facebook Security Tips Section preaches.

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