Ouija Board Tells Wife Her Husband is Cheating and She Wants to Call Things Off

There are some things in life that just cannot be explained. Magnets, the great pyramids, LeBron James’s regenerating hairlines. Yes, there is much science cannot explain, and for some of us, playful spells and make believe fortune telling is a very real force of nature that can be called upon for wisdom. This would really hit home for a couple to who called upon the wisdom of the wife’s dead grandfather to get the scoop on her husband’s “sleeping habits.” According to a report by Uproxx, the man’s wife is so convinced that her dead grandfather is speaking through the board, that she’s insisting they go to counseling. The man gave the rundown on Reddit:

“Last night, the board told her I'm cheating on her. She is so sure she's talking to her grandpa that she believes it and wants to go to counseling. Problem is, I'm not cheating on her and think it's her subconscious telling her something she's afraid of. I initially agreed to counseling, but she told me she wants to go to one who's "open," meaning "new age." Meaning the counselor will probably believe the board too.

There is no way I can convince my wife that she is not actually talking to her grandfather. She's convinced, religiously so. Not sure what to do here.”

Other users have have made light of the situation, recommending he use “talking” transformers to get his point across to the wife, while others have given him tips about Ouija boards and their reputation for recruiting bad energy and evil spirits. So what do you think? Is their supernatural grandpa powers working in the wife’s favor, an evil spirit shaking up the marriage, or just a superstition taken way too seriously?

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