Supra Makes a Comeback

Great news, gearheads. The car gods have answered your prayers regarding the return of the Toyota Supra! On Friday, June 3rd, Toyota filed an application to trademark the Supra name with the European Union. Of course that could only have been as a precaution to protect the name of the old Supra, but we here at Royal Blue like to think positive thoughts that a new car is coming.

Since 2011, Toyota has been collaborating with BMW to create the next generation of cars. Toyota Supra, along with the BMW Z4 are part of a joint partnership between the two companies to create a shared sports car platform. Both cars successors are rumored to feature BMW turbocharged 4 to 6-cylinder engines, and the Toyota allegedly has a hybrid variant as well. There’s also word that the two cars will be manufactured in Graz, Austria by engineering firm, Magna-Steyr. The “Z5” concept car was leaked earlier this year in January, but there’s been no information revealed about the Supra. What we can assume is that it will most likely resemble the Toyota FT-1 that debuted back in 2014. While it may not be confirmed, the hopes of a new Supra are definitely looking up. Take a look at the sexy FT-1 and rumored Z5 sports cars below.


Toyota 'Supra' FT1 ? #ToyotaFT1 #ToyotaSupra Photos Via ? : #CaptainExotic

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