President Obama & Jimmy Fallon Bring Some Soul to the News

As late night TV host Jimmy Fallon says right at the start of this bit, President Obama has had a crazy two terms that’s changed a lot of things in this country. His presidency saw times of economic turmoil, regrowth, bright points, and questionable choices. You can say that the past 8 years had deep changes for the U.S., down to the country’s soul in a way. So Fallon figured what better way to commemorate such a memorable presidency, than with a soulful slow jam highlighting all that President Obama has done over the last two terms. As Obama goes over milestone accomplishments, like legalizing same sex marriage, passing the Affordable Care Act, and lowering the unemployment rate, Fallon and his soulful hype man lay down a smooth and sensual R&B translation. Obama even gets in on the soulful rhyming action, showing there isn’t much this current POTUS can’t pull off. So light a Yankee candle, bring your babe real close, and watch the hilarious baby-maker below.

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